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PDF2EXE, PDF2EXE Pro, and Cool PDF Reader use virtually the same user interface. Here we take PDF2EXE as an example to show you how to use all the software,


In the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of PDF2EXE, you will see three bars

Menu bar the main menu. File, View etc.
Tool bar  the bar in the downstairs of menu bar. Open, Save etc. buttons on this bar.
Status bar  the bar displaying the status of PDF2EXE. Usually, it shows the status 'Done', the name of the loaded PDF file, the page number.


File Menu contains all the file operations such as open, close, save as, print etc.

View Menu enables the users to view PDF document the way they want. For example, zooming, rotation, fit width, fit page etc.

Page Menu allows the users to go forward to the last page, next page of the PDF document or go back to the previous page, the first page. Users have the option to go to any page within the PDF document.

Tools Menu has only one option now, i.e. to slide show a PDF document.

Options Menu gives you the opportunities to remove the status bar, tool bar, or even menu bar.

Help Menu provides all the required help information on how to use the software.


On the button panel, from left to right, are the following buttons,

Open [1]
Open a PDF file.

Save [2]
Save PDF file as EXE or ZIP.

Print [3]
Send the PDF document to printer.

Properties [4]
Show PDF document properties.

First Page [5]
Go to the first page of the PDF document.

Previous Page [6]
Go back to the previous page.

Next Page [7]
Go forward to the next page.

Last Page [8]
Go to the last page of the PDF document.

Rotate CCW [9]
Rotate 90 degrees (counter-clockwise).

Rotate CW [10]
Rotate 90 degrees (clockwise).

Zoom In [A]
Magnify the page of the PDF document.

Zoom Out [B]
Shrink the page of the PDF document.

Actual Size [C]
Show PDF pages in actual size (default screen size)

Fit Page [D]
Show PDF pages as per page height.

Fit Width [E]
Show PDF pages as per page width.

Full screen [F]
Show PDF document in full screen mode.

Slide show [G]
Make a slide show of PDF document.

Settings [H]
Adjust the settings for menu bar, tool bar, and status bar.

Website [I]
Go to web site.

Help [J]
Show this help.

Exit [K]
Quit PDF2EXE program.


Many options are available in PDF2EXE Pro such as,

Compress PDF
Encrypt PDF
Set password as a means of protection
Customize URL
Disable conversion from EXE to PDF
Disable conversion from PDF to TXT, EXE to TXT
Prohibit extraction of PDF from EXE
Disable conversion from EXE to image formats
Disable printing
Disable document properties
Disable full screen mode
Maximize window after loading PDF pages
Fit width after loading PDF pages
Remove status bar on startup
Remove tool bar on startup
Remove options menu
Launch slide show after initialization
Prevent generated EXE from modification


Advanced Options provide more flexibilities on customizing the generated EXE file than PDF2EXE standard version,

Customize EXE Title
You can specify your preferred title for the EXE file. Maximum 62 characters allowed.

Customize the icon of the generated EXE file
If you are not satisfied with the default icon for the generated EXE file, you can specify your preferred icon with PDF2EXE Pro. You can check the option "Customize the cion of the generated EXE file", and you will see the default icon appear, click the icon, and you will see the icon selection dialog come up, now you can specify the icon you prefer.

Enable full-text Save-As
PDF2EXE Pro enhances the "Save As TXT" functionality from single page save-as to full text save-as. If you want your customer to save PDF as TXT for some purpose, just check this option, and your customer will get a plain text copy of the PDF/EXE file you distribute.

Specify the number of times PDF can be viewed
Limit the number of times your PDF file can be viewed by the reader.

Specify the number of times PDF can be printed
Limit the number of times your PDF file can be printed by the reader.

Make PDF redistributable by target Machine Fingerprint
If you want your PDF file to be opened and read on a specific computer, you can use the Digital Machine Fingerprint Collector program to get the fingerprint of that computer, and put it along with this option enabled. When someone gets your EXE file, he or she can't read it unless his or her computer has exactly the same machine fingerprint as you specified.


The following figure shows the three Advanced Operations.

Modify EXE Properties

When you click the "Modify EXE Properties" button, you will see the following window come up,

Where you can specify File Version, Company Name, File Description, Legal Information. These information are vital to you, because in the explorer window, you will always see the EXE properties as the summary information for the EXE file when you move your mouse on it. See below,

Load a configuration

Load an existing configuration for the options needed to generate EXE file. The default extension for the configuration file is P2E.

Save current configuration

Save the current configuration of options to a file with the extension P2E.

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