Trevor Marcotte

Linda Hoth

Thomas Nordengen

PDF2EXE Pro is the professional version of PDF2EXE. PDF2EXE Pro quickly convert PDF to EXE with many additional options,  so the user receiving it doesn't need to install Acrobat Reader: he or she just double-clicks the compiled EXE file and gets the PDF document displayed with the customization of your preference.

Customize the icon of EXE file
Customize the title and summary of EXE file
Limit the number of times PDF can be viewed
Limit the number of times PDF can be printed
Make PDF distributable on a specific computer 
Enable/Disable full-text save PDF as TXT feature
Load/Save conversion options in PDF2EXE Pro
Customize your personal or company website URL

PDF2EXE Pro includes all the features of PDF2EXE, such as,
Compress, encrypt PDF document
Set password for the converted EXE file
Disable conversion from PDF to TXT, EXE to TXT
Disable printing of PDF file
Launch slide show after initialization
Disable conversion from EXE to image formats
Disable document properties
Prevent generated EXE from modification

Several key features are added to PDF2EXE Pro, as listed by the above 8 reasons.

You can distribute your Adobe PDF files to your customers, share PDF documents with your friends without worrying about whether they can read it or not. PDF2EXE Pro users can have full control over PDF files to satisfy desktop publishing and complex business needs. Distribution Royalties for all the generated EXE files.

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